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Welcome! was created to help developers find the needed resources for their embedded project. The site provides information on books, articles, community links, sample applications, sample components/packages, and other resources for different embedded operating systems and topics of interest. Please let me know if you have any questions or you cannot find a specific answer for your embedded project.



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Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for those who want to try out the next release of Windows. At this time, there is little information on Embedded/IoT versions, but the Technical Preview allows you to test what is coming and provide feedback.



Online Training Classes

To save time on travel and address scheduling needs, we are now offering our training class live online using GoToMeeting. The classes will be presented in the same hands-on training style as our onsite and public training courses. Class size can be 1-on-1 with the instructor or up to 10 attendees total.

Scheduling and Sign up: Since our instructors are active in the industry, please contact us so we can coordinate a time that works for you and the instructor. Once the scheduling has been set, class seats are purchased through our online store. Once the seat has been purchased, the dates will be locked in and a meeting notice will go out to all attendees. Each attendee must have a development computer that will have the webcam, speakers, audio mic input (or headset), the development tools specific for the class, and access to the internet. On the day of the class, attendees will click on the meeting link from the meeting notice. The GoToMeeting Quick Connect application can be installed once the meeting begins. More information is on the Annabooks' website.



Having worked with government and medical companies, USB device like USB flash disks, smart phones, and multifunction network printers connecting to open USB ports is a major concern. Locking down USB ports has been an open issue for various developers. There are network solutions if you are connected to a domain, but what about standalone embedded systems...

SecureBus™ is a patent pending security product that prevents unauthorized USB devices from working in Windows®. SecureBus™ works by injecting itself under the Windows™ Kernel, and acts like a firewall for USB host ports.  Any time a USB device is plugged into the system SecureBus™ will analyze the hardware and determine if it is an authorized USB device.  If the device is not an authorized USB device then SecureBus™ will prevent it from binding with the Windows® Kernel.

A free trial, demonstration video, datasheet, and more information can be found on the SecureBus page at

SecureBus™ - New

Add firewall protection to USB ports. Blocks unauthorized USB devices from connecting to a Windows system.


Upcoming Training Classes


Online training courses are now available!

Available Training Courses:

Windows® Embedded 8.1 Industry
Windows® Embedded 8 Standard Advanced
Windows® Embedded Standard 7 Advanced


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